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Pack: 1 box (30 sachets (5gm / 50mg per sachet))

Product Description

The ANDROGEL course should last at least 8 weeks. Due to the long aether, the drug is included in the work only by the second week, stopping the medication is recommended for 1014 days before the end of the course – the last two weeks in the blood there will be a high concentration of the drug

Take ANDROGEL at a dosage of 400 mg / week. Lower dosages will be simply ineffective. The exception is women.

Men should take the drug ANDROGEL in conjunction with any testosterone ester. After the course, conduct PCT.
More details on the use of the drug you can find in the topic androgel interactions.

Accelerated growth of muscle mass and strength, acceleration of the overall recovery of the body between the stresses, increased vitality.
Increase libido (sexual desire).
The formation of male secondary sexual characteristics: the growth of facial hair, coarsening of the voice, and so on.
Accelerating the utilization of fat deposits against the backdrop of a diet with a caloric deficit
A positive effect on the health androgel interactions of joints and ligaments (due to fluid retention).

Chemically, ANDROGEL is a derivative. But, despite this, it does not interfere with ANDROGEL on the body. The main difference between a steroid and most analogues is the absence of an attached ester. This has both positive and negative consequences.

On the one hand, the aqueous suspension of ANDROGEL is rapidly absorbed into the blood, providing an effect almost immediately after the injection. But at the same time, frequent administration of the drug can cause a number of negative consequences, for example, the formation androgel interactions of cones and soreness at the injection site.