Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Letrozole
Package: 2.5mg (50 pills)


How to take the LETROMINA is recommended for athletes to increase muscle mass and strength. In this case, the duration of admission varies widely from 4 to 12 weeks and is determined in each case individually, depending on the experience of the athlete, his LETROMINA and the ultimate goals of admission. The average weekly dosage is about 250-500 milligrams. The drug letrozole bodybuilding is effective solo, but can be used in combination. If the duration of the course exceeds a month, LETROMINA is added at a dosage of 500 IU, injections once a week, starting from the third week of the course.

LETROMINA first began to be used in the US in the 50s of the last century. This was the first proline product, developed on an oil base. Initially used for medical purposes to combat growth disorders, the formation of the body of adolescents, as well as for the treatment of breast tumors. After a while testosterone ester penetrated deeply into the sport.

Effects of the use of LETROMINA

LETROMINA alpha pharma the pronounced increase in muscle mass. This letrozole bodybuilding is perhaps the main effect of the drug, which is why it is universally used in power sports without weight classes and doping control. For those who want to quickly build muscle mass, and is not going to participate in competitions.

Increase in strength indicators. Increasing muscle strength is valued by powerlifters and weightlifters.


Significant fluid retention. Estrogenic letrozole bodybuilding exposure and sodium retention with LETROMINA cause a rapid increase in weight, but it is rather watery.

Increase in regenerative processes

Improvement of the general condition of the body, mood, motivation for training.

For the first time, LETROMINA was introduced into the pharmacological market. At that time, he was the only ester. But today the “”propik”” does not lose its popularity, because its properties have no analogues. LETROMINAis the main hormone for any androgenic drug. By attaching or detaching letrozole bodybuilding atoms, pharmacists can synthesize a variety of other drugs. LETROMINA is a attached acid molecule, which determines its pharmacological characteristics.