Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex)
Package: 20mg (100 pills)


The MAXI-FEN-20 eu course is not recommended for beginners: the drug is quite powerful, and therefore is not suitable for the first year of AAS. The expressed inhibition of the secretion of own MAXI-FEN-20 requires the joint use of gonadotropin (500-1000 IU). The duration of reception of MAXI-FEN-20 from British Dragon varies within 56 weeks, the dosage is 50100 milligrams per day, injections are made daily. PCT is tamoxifen citrate bodybuilding performed 23 days after the completion of the course, using MAXI-FEN-20 . As for how to take MAXI-FEN-20 in combination, it is best to combine.

Despite the fact that for a set of muscle mass, the steroid is effective even when taking solo, experienced athletes often use it together with MAXI-FEN-20.

MAXI-FEN-20 is rarely used as the first pharmacological agent. The steroid is quite powerful, requires strict adherence to recommendations, the use of appropriate means on the course to suppress possible negative reactions, and after cancellation – PCT. The “”strength”” of trenbolone is due to its connection with MAXI-FEN-20 receptors. MAXI-FEN-20 from Alfa Pharma significantly increases muscle mass and strength.

The steroid’s plus is its tamoxifen citrate bodybuilding inability to aromatize. Thus, users almost never face such negative manifestations as fluid accumulation and gynecomastia. Progestin activity of MAXI-FEN-20, since “”tran”” is a 19nor derivative of testosterone.

Effects of taking MAXI-FEN-20

Effects of taking MAXI-FEN-20 significant increase in muscle mass. Solo course MAXI-FEN-20 lasting two months allows you to dial up to 10 kilograms.

Increased strength.

Decreased cortisol level.

An increase in the level of insulin-like growth factor is two-fold.

Strengthening of sexual desire on the course.

Stimulation of the secretion of growth hormone.

Reduction of fatty deposits.

Athletes highly appreciate tamoxifen citrate bodybuilding the quality and volume of musculature collected with steroid. Reviews about MAXI-FEN-20 are found mainly from professional athletes. They strongly advise before the beginning of the course to take tests and undergo a complete examination of the health status, as well as control it during the steroid intake. The tolerability of injections is assessed as satisfactory, although not all are enthusiastic about the high frequency of injections.

MAXI-FEN-20 from women are extremely rare, and they all indicate a negative effect of the drug on the body. Sportsmen, including professional women, should not use this AAS.