Primobolan 100


Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Methenolone enanthate (Primobolan depot)
Package: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)


After some time, the drug began to be actively used by athletes, because it gave the chance to build up a significant amount of muscle mass in a short time. PRIMOBOLAN 100 is a quality steroid, but there are a lot of untruthful defamatory information on the market. Many so-called experts overestimate the toxic effect of “”methane”” and downplay its anabolic abilities.

All this information is the result of unfair competition in the market. PRIMOBOLAN activity of PRIMOBOLAN 100 is 200% of PRIMOBOLAN 100, androgenic activity is 50%. The active substance is slightly susceptible to conversion to estrogens, the toxicity to the liver is moderate. The half-life is about 68 hours, the detection time for doping control is up to three months. Thus, protein factory post cyclecan be used by athletes during the preparatory period, and it is better to exclude it in the precompetitive and competitive phase.

Side Effects of PRIMOBOLAN 100 portion, a substance that has a third greater affinity for estrogen receptors. As a result, there may be a gynecomastia. To prevent it, aromatase inhibitors are taken – substances that block the formation of estrogen in the blood and increase the level of gonadotropic hormones and own testosterone. The presence of a PRIMOBOLAN 100 group in the alpha17 position causes a slight toxic effect on the liver and reduces the binding of PRIMOBOLAN 100 to globulin.

Also possible side effects from protein factory post cycle are fluid retention, hair loss, acne, testicular atrophy, excessive increase in sexual desire and blood pressure on the course. Taking PRIMOBOLAN 100 for women is not recommended, since the likelihood of masculinization is very high.

Strong growth of muscle mass. PRIMOBOLAN 100 is one of the most effective means for increasing muscle volume. For solo a course of a preparation it is possible to type up to 15 kg of weight. For PRIMOBOLAN 100, the phenomenon of recoil is typical: about 30% of the collected mass falls on water, and disappears some time after the end of the reception.

Stimulation of synovial fluid production. Protein factory post cycle increases the mobility of the joints.

Increased strength.

Decrease in the concentration of sex hormone binding globulin. Due to this property, PRIMOBOLAN 100 enhances the effect of steroids used on the combined course.

Stimulation of erythropoietin production.

Hemopoiesis. Receiving PRIMOBOLAN 100 stimulates blood formation. The production of red blood cells in large quantities contributes to increased endurance due to more efficient consumption of oxygen by the muscles.

Increased protein production.

The active substance of PRIMOBOLAN 100,is chemically a modified version of protein factory post cycle. Due to the ability to activate estrogen receptors, some side effects may occur.