Steroids and cancer

Steroids and cancer

Cancer – a disease, which threatens the man inside his own body. No one is immune to it, and yet the medicine steroids and cancer defeats the cancer year by yearinventing all new ways of fighting with oncological diseases. Today we tell you about, what is cancer, how to prevent its development and scientists all over the world looking for a cure from this ” plague of the XXI century.”

When we hear the word “disease”, then first of all microorganisms or viruses that affect the human body come to mind. For them, man is a fodder base and a dwelling: some settle in the mucous membranes, others with blood flow spread throughout the body, and others even “break” the body cells in order to produce their own offspring. With the help of medicines and means of prevention, a person has been struggling with them for many centuries, and constantly inventing new ways to protect oneself from external threats. However, the most terrible threat, as it usually happens, lies in wait for him from within.

What is cancer?

Cancer  is a disease caused by the mutating cells of the body. Until now, there is no 100% way to predict where, when and how the cellular program will fail. Only factors that increase the likelihood of a mutation are known to medicine (they are called ” carcinogenic “, that is, “causing tumors”): radiation exposure, exposure to toxic substances, general decrease in immunity , etc. , but even they do not lead to the development of cancer with 100% probability. The converse is also true: no modern therapy can completely protect a person against the risk of tumors.

The role of anabolic steroids in the development of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common oncological diseases in men. The issue of prostate cancer prevention is especially relevant among athletes taking various supplements, as some of them can stimulate the growth of malignant tumors.

Anabolic steroids and prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor that develops from the prostate tissue. The exact causes of prostate cancer are unknown, but there are factors whose stimulating effect on the formation of tumors has been proven.

Among these factors is the use of anabolic steroids . Many athletes take these drugs to rapidly build muscle mass, despite the large number of side effects.

It is widely believed that anabolic steroids can cause malignant tumors, including prostate cancer . This is due to the fact that the formation of a prostate tumor is significantly influenced by male hormones. And steroids act like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

Anabolics are not the cause of prostate cancer. And in itself, the use of these drugs does not cause cancer. Nevertheless, experts say that taking steroids and cancer anabolic steroids still increases the risk of prostate cancer. Especially if this technique is too long and uncontrolled.

About prostate cancer

Malignant tumors of the prostate often affect men aged 50 years. Prostate cancer is characterized by a slow course, but it can also give early metastases. The main risk factor is a high level of testosterone. In addition, there are such provocative factors:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • benign prostatic tumors;
  • Abuse of animal food with a lack of fiber;
  • effects of cadmium;
  • adverse environmental conditions.

Symptomatic of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer lasts very long without any symptoms. Symptoms of the disease, as a rule, arise already in the late stages, when treatment is much less effective. These symptoms include the following:

  • frequent urination;
  • pain in the perineal region;
  • blood in the urine and semen;
  • impotence;
  • pain in the bones, fractures (with metastases);
  • weight loss;
  • weakness.

Diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer

If you suspect a prostate cancer, you should see a urologist. First of all, it is necessary to undergo digital rectal examination. The patient is then referred for a blood test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

Also, such studies as prostate ultrasound, CT, X-ray examination, biopsy may be prescribed.

On the basis of the diagnostic data obtained, the physician prescribes treatment on an individual basis. In prostate cancer, the following methods are used:

  • Surgical intervention is the main method. Held prostatectomy – removal of the prostate. Operation with a localized tumor virtually guarantees complete recovery.
  • Radiation therapy can slow the growth of the tumor and reduce the likelihood of metastasis, is used more often as an additional treatment.
  • Hormone therapy reduces testosterone or blocks its action, which leads to a suspension of the progression of the disease.
  • Chemotherapy for prostate cancer is used in later stages of metastasis, in the early stages this method is ineffective.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a hormone-dependent tumor. This disease is not able to develop in cases where androgens are absent in the body from an early age ( as occurs during castration ). Therefore, with the existing prostate cancer, one of the effective methods of treatment is to decrease the content of androgens in the blood.

Studies have shown that the probability of starting a prostate tumor does not depend on the available testosterone level in the body. For this reason, it can be assumed that the use of anabolic steroids does not increase the possibility of the where to inject steroids appearance of the disease . There is no evidence in the scientific literature that for athletes “chemists” the risk of cancer is increased because of the intake of androgens, which are sometimes taken in elevated doses.

steroids and cancer

It is generally accepted that testosterone is necessary for the course of the disease, but it is not a trigger factor for the onset of its development. The disease is sometimes detected during hormone replacement therapy or in those who take uncontrolled steroids. Most likely in these cases there was already a disease that began to develop more intensely under the influence of hormones.

Since many types of prostate cancer are very sensitive to androgens, the tumor can also develop under the action of AAS . Therefore, anabolics are contraindicated in the presence in the past of prostate cancer or suspected of it. It should be borne in mind that AAS does not provoke the onset of the disease, but it can increase the development of undiagnosed disease.

Liver cancer: the causes of the disease, the main symptoms, treatment and prevention

Malignant liver tumor, which leads to disruption of the work of this human body. Liver cancer can be primary and metastatic, resulting from metastases that have entered the liver from a primary tumor site.

Causes of liver cancer

Chronic diseases – viral hepatitis B and C, cirrhosis, alcoholic and drug-induced hepatitis, cholelithiasis, heart failure, parasitic infections, syphilis ; taking anabolic steroids; steroids and cancer hemochromatosis; diabetes mellitus ; work with industrial chemicals, smoking in combination with alcohol.

Symptoms of liver cancer

Abdominal pain gradually increasing, heaviness in the right hypochondrium, fever (above 37 degrees), chills; yellow eyes sclera, skin itches, darkening of urine, light stools; discomfort due to bloating, lack of appetite, weakness, malaise, weight loss; constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, exhaustion of the body; enlargement of the liver. In the late stages – anemia , bleeding from different organs, intoxication of the body, accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity.

Diagnosis of liver cancer

Early diagnosis is very important in this pathology. Diagnosis is based on complaints and examination of the patient. Tumor biopsy, ultrasound, computed tomography, laparoscopy, laboratory blood tests – (AFP) and urine, radiosurgery of the abdominal cavity, NMR, MRI, radioisotope scanning, hepatography.

Treatment of liver cancer

To conduct adequate treatment, the diagnosis and degree of spread of the disease is specified. Radical method – surgical intervention after chemotherapy (combination of chemotherapy and surgical treatment); radio frequency ablation and cryoablation; chemotherapy; targeted therapy with Nexavar; the introduction of ethanol into tumor nodes; proton therapy.

Prevention of liver cancer

If you want to prevent liver cancer, regular preventive examinations and constant medical supervision, vaccination against hepatitis B; not to drink alcohol and nicotine; observe the safety rules when working with chemicals, do not contact them; Do not use anabolic steroids unless there is a medical indication; Consult a doctor before taking iron supplements.

How to treat cancer with steroids?

The main link between steroids and cancer is that some types of steroids can be used to treat cancer. They can be taken in combination with other types of treatment, and often steroids are used in progressive forms of the disease that do not respond to other therapies. The type of steroid used often depends on the type of cancer. There are many different types of steroids, and they all have a unique effect on the body and its cells. Some types of synthetically produced drugs can kill cancer cells, as chemotherapy does.

Like chemotherapy, steroids in the treatment of cancer can lead to side effects.

In this regard, the treatment of certain forms of cancer can use glucocorticoids. They are usually not used as the main method of treatment, but are often used together with chemotherapy and other treatments. Effectiveness will depend on the type of cancer and its aggressiveness, as well as on the overall health of the patient. Usually steroids are not used if chemotherapy or radiation alone has not helped. Steroid therapy can be performed in one of several ways.

Steroids can be taken as an intravenous solution or as a single injection.

Oral preparations are also often taken. The method of taking depends on the patient himself and the doctor’s recommendations. Although there is a connection between steroids and cancer, steroids are still not recommended for prevention, since their administration can cause serious side effects, and if they are taken incorrectly, they can lead to complications. For these reasons, patients who have recently been diagnosed with cancer should not self-medicate and take steroids. Only certain types of drugs are effective, and not all forms of steroids can help with cancer.

The side effects of steroids can include damage to the gastric mucosa, fatigue, and increased appetite, taking them can lead to weight gain if food intake is not controlled. Depending on the type of steroid, there may be a negative effect on the patient’s bones and muscles.

Consequences of taking steroids

The following are the most common and severe side effects of steroids.

1. Edema – swelling of tissues due to excessive water retention. In most athletes, this is expressed in some increase in body volume and smoothing of the relief. “Swollen” appearance is the most noticeable sign, according to which it is possible to determine without doping control that the athlete is sitting on a cycle. Edema is especially noticeable on the cheeks and under the eyes . In addition to this cosmetic inconvenience, the delay of sodium and water as a consequence can lead to acute attacks of increasing pressure. In this case it is prudent to stop the use of steroids or to bring down high blood pressure with medications. This, as you know, is not the best solution. Sometimes such a water retention is a sign of a hidden heart disease or kidney. A particularly large delay in water can be caused by various testosterone preparations. Often, this phenomenon is observed thinning, steroids and cancer stretching and discoloration of the skin.

2. Acne. Anabolic steroids can cause acne (acne) or make a more acute problem with already existing acne. Strong acne on the back, chest, shoulders, neck and face– a signal to the fact that some athletes are sitting on a cycle. Human skin is capable of destroying androgenic hormones contained in it in very small quantities. When exogenous steroids are used, the concentration of such hormones tends to exceed the level with which the skin can cope, which allows bacteria to multiply. This is combined with an increase in the greasiness of the skin, inevitable when using steroids, and the situation becomes even more unfavorable. In addition, a person can be genetically predisposed to acne. The degree of skin damage depends on the androgenicity of the steroids taken. It is necessary to avoid the means that lead to such problems, and try to keep the skin dry and clean. To clean the body it is necessary to use cutaneous antiseptics, as well as sun baths or ultraviolet irradiation. If all this does not help, the last resort is antibiotics. But then the actions of these drugs in other acute cases, for example, with influenza, can be weakened. In addition, antibiotics can cause digestive disorders, leading to dysbacteriosis (manifested as diarrhea).

3. Gynecomastia . Abnormally enlarged mammary glands in men is a common side effect that allows you to determine, without doping control, who uses or uses steroids. Bill Phillips claims that at least 9 participants in the “Mr. Olympia” contest in recent years have undergone a surgical operation to remove fatty tissues accumulated around the nipples. The main cause of this effect is the aromatization of steroids – conversion into estrogen at excessive dosages. Expressed manifestations of gynecomastia also signal the onset of a structural degeneration of liver tissue that does not cope with excess testosterone.

Keep in mind that the resulting gynecomastia will not disappear. Moreover, it will intensify with each subsequent cycle of steroids. Sometimes it is even accompanied by the secretion of colostrum!

4. Aggressiveness. The growth of aggression is very typical for users of steroids. Some athletes consider that this helps them to transfer training loads more easily and to compete better at competitions. However, more often aggressiveness acts as a negative phenomenon. Many consumers of steroids begin to hostilely treat the family, friends, employees – their behavior becomes challenging and even unbearable. They develop emotional instability.Usual situations can cause such sportsmen an unjustifiably aggressive reaction, which is even more aggravated when drinking alcohol. This type of behavior is led primarily by various esters of testosterone. A steroids athlete must anticipate this development and be prepared to suppress unwanted outbursts of rage by force of will.

Two psychiatrists from the Harvard Medical School, Dr. Harrison Pope and David L. Katz, found serious psychiatric disorders in people using anabolic steroids: depressive symptoms, visual and auditory hallucinations, uncontrollable outbursts of irritability, manic episodes. In the West, some psychiatrists and psychologists already widely use the term “steroid rage” due to the fact that manifestations of this side effect are fixed more and more often.

Dr. Kitsman believes that the users of steroids develop a certain type of psychological dependence.

5. Arterial hypertension (high blood pressure) . High or at least high blood pressure becomes a problem for many athletes who use steroids. This, as a rule, occurs simultaneously due to the rapid build-up of weight and water retention in the body. Primary symptoms can be headaches, insomnia, difficulty breathing. This condition is fraught with gradual degeneration of blood vessels, which leads to aneurysms, heart attacks or progressive heart diseases. There is no need to say once again that chronic high blood pressure is the cause of many diseases of the cardiovascular system that kill the most people on the planet.

6. Diseases of the cardiovascular system.As can be seen from the above, anabolic steroids significantly increase the risk of heart disease. But this is due not only to the development of increased blood pressure. The use of steroids affects the levels and profile of cholesterol in the user: total cholesterol levels increase, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels decrease, and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels increase. This can lead to the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of the arteries, and later to complete blockage of blood vessels. Experts advise athletes who are considering taking steroids, be sure to take into account the analysis. If the cholesterol level in you is increased even before the start of steroid therapy, the danger significantly increases. The degree of risk depends on the type of steroid, doses, duration and schedule of application, diet composition, and also from genetic sensitivity to cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the intensity of training and the types of exercises, as well as the presence or absence of other risk factors, are important.

7. Increased heart size. With long-term massive use of steroids, cardiac hypertrophy may develop. This condition can be very dangerous. The symptomatology of this effect is difficulty in breathing, frequent heart contractions, high blood pressure. In this case, you should stop using steroids, reduce body weight and work on an aerobic exercise program with low intensity.

8. Virilization – hypertrophic development of secondary masculine traits. This is a group of side effects associated with androgenic activity of steroids. Most often, the first symptom of this negative reaction is a change in the voice – it becomes low and hoarse. This is not a reversible phenomenon. In men, the growth of hair on the face and body increases, the skin becomes greasy. Priapism, hair thinning on the head, allopecia (hair loss with spots) and in some cases hypertrophy of the prostate are also possible. Women may notice the onset of virilization by reducing the size of the breast. Clitoral enlargement is another common negative reaction. The skin becomes more rough, its structure changes, the sebum secretion increases, the reaction of sweating to the various stresses intensifies. On the face appear hair, on the limbs they become thicker. In extreme cases, male pattern can develop. Usually,

Virilization is directly related to the excessive duration of administration and increased dosage of androgenic steroids. This, of course, should be avoided, since many steroids and cancer virilizing effects become irreversible, if not prevent their development.

9. Cancer. The use of anabolic steroids is associated with cancer very rarely. But such a connection can still exist. As a result of taking steroids in the liver, tumors can arise, causing suspicion of cancer. I must say that most often these deviations were recorded in individuals who used alpha-alkylated oral drugs for a long time. It is also possible hepatic pelvis (liver hemangioma) – blood-filled cysts. This condition is considered reversible, but, nevertheless, increases the risk of developing liver cancer.

10. Liver dysfunction. It is established that prolonged therapy with steroids, especially at high dosages, leads to progressive cholestasis, jaundice and other negative changes.

About jaundice, or hepatitis , should be said separately. This is a serious disease, characterized by increased pain in the liver, in which the eye proteins and skin become yellow. Usually it is recorded in athletes who have used very high dosages of steroids for a long time. Jaundice can also be diagnosed by an increased level of bilirubin, which requires a blood test. It should be remembered that this is the most reliable indicator, as the external symptoms and signs manifest only when neglected or serious degree of this disease. Hepatitis-infected athletes must give up steroids in order to avoid serious complications.

11. Bleeding. When using steroids, clotting time is increased 2-4 times. Another negative consequence is the increased rate of nasal bleeding , which in many cases is accompanied by an increase in blood pressure.

12. Headaches. Many consumers of steroids suffer from acute headaches. This can be a symptom of hypertension. Sometimes athletes suffer from headaches due to excessive contracture of the muscles of the neck. A pain type of migraine is believed to have the basis of a hormonal balance disorder that develops when taking steroids.

13. Pain in the stomach. Oral anabolic steroids can cause discomfort in the stomach. The best way to avoid this is not to take the medicine that causes such feelings, and take steroids while eating. Lack of appetite, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn are also possible. It is believed that steroids can upset the normal balance of intestinal flora, which causes their users to suffer from various gastrointestinal infections.

14. Damage to muscles and bones . Athletes using steroids, ruptures, tears and other damage to muscle tissue occur more often than others. It is believed that this is the result of the resulting imbalance between the increasing contractile ability of the muscles, and the insufficient strength of the ligaments and tendons. At best, this leads to tendonitis and inflammation, at worst – to traumatic injuries. Some authors point out the possibility of muscle cramps and spasms, as well as a decrease in the elasticity of muscle tissue under the influence of steroids. Another observation is the appearance of scars from the stretching of the epidermis on deltas, biceps and pectoral muscles, which can be associated with a decrease in the level of collagen in the skin. Also, users of steroids are often broken and cracked bones.

15. Enlarged prostate and other problems with it . Anabolic steroids are directly related to an increase in the prostate gland, which can develop into a malignant phenomenon. Doctors directly associate prostate cancer with the action of androgens, especially testosterone. athletes are recommended at least once a year to undergo an appropriate examination. Common symptoms of prostate enlargement are micturition disorders (rapid urge or, conversely, complete blockage), difficulty with bowel movement, pain in the spine and pelvic region.

16. Impotence. Many athletes suffer from changes in libido. At the beginning of the steroid cycle, there is a slight increase in sexual desire, accompanied by an increase in the duration and duration of erections. But during the use of synthetic hormones, the secretion of endogenous testosterone is reduced, and impotence may occur. It is also likely after the steroid cycle is abolished, when testosterone does not come from outside, and its own reproductive system has not yet restored the desired level of androgens in the system. Steroid users may also develop testicular atrophy, accompanied by a low content of sperm in the sperm. Particularly strong effect is exerted by various forms of synthetic testosterone. The time required to return to normal functions of the reproductive system is different for all. The researchers point out,

17. Premature hair loss. Many athletes who resort to steroids, complain of a noticeable thinning of hair on the head. This is especially likely with unfavorable heredity, and can be observed in both men and women.

18. Suspension of growth . Young people who use steroids risk not realizing the potential for their growth. The fact is that steroids can “close” the epiphyseal growth zones of tubular bones.

19. Inhibition of the activity of the immune system. After the cycle of steroids, many have noted an increased tendency to get viral diseases, colds and even pneumonia. A distinct decrease in the effectiveness of immunocompetent cells is already observed during steroid therapy. There is no doubt that steroids at least temporarily weaken the immune system. This negative effect is seen in those who took steroids for more than 10-12 weeks.

20. Insomnia and other disorders of the central nervous system. athletes often complain of difficulty falling asleep during the cycle. This is explained by the fact that steroids exert a slight stimulating effect on the central nervous system. The problem is removed with the discontinuation of the use of these drugs.

21. Metabolic disorders. Steroids exert a strong influence on the metabolic needs of the body, so that even when sufficient nutrients are taken, their deficiency may occur. For example, studies have shown that the steroid course leads to severe deficiencies of vitamins B1, B6, B5, A, B12, choline, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, chromium and manganese.

Some athletes report severe fluctuations in blood glucose. The glucose level begins to drop, which is accompanied by weakness, dizziness, fatigue.

There was a general slowdown in the rate of metabolic processes, especially with the systematic use of steroids. There is evidence that these drugs negatively affect the thyroid gland, reducing the effectiveness of its functioning. This creates great difficulties with the achievement of relief before the competition.

It is established that steroids cause the body to retain a significant amount of calcium. After the termination of the course, this calcium is strenuously excreted, which can lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Separately, we say that the independent introduction of steroids in unsanitary conditions puts the athlete at risk of contracting AIDS.

Of course, this list is far from complete. New research will be carried out, the results of studying the retarded effect of anabolic steroids on the body will appear, and the list will be extended not by the most pleasant additions. You can say: “When this all will be! And now it is important for me to go to the what is cancercompetitions in the best possible way.” Alas, this is the logic of so many people who resort to steroids.

Joe Vader describes how different doping used in bodybuilding will interact, and causes side effects. He is echoed by a very well-known journalist and athlete Garry Bartlett: “… I noticed some peculiarities associated with steroids:

At the first reception cycle, an incredible increase in muscle and strength in a short time is observed … The following cycles do not cause such an effect, so more doping is required to achieve results.

The first results are achieved through muscle tissue, but then this effect decreases, the exchange slows down, and the body becomes swollen and bled – the fat mass grows. There is always a chance of getting an infection through a dirty needle or complication after injections made on their own, without medical supervision.

The character changes to such an extent that no one wants to be close to our champion. Concern for others remains in the past, and our champion, apparently, is concerned only with his own well-being at the expense of others. His behavior becomes self-centered and aggressive.

During the competition a person can look fried and have good venous and decent volumes, but without a deep striped definition. But there is a possibility that in a week this champion will not even resemble a bodybuilder, gaining up to 15-20 pounds of water and fat. Puffy faces and saggy cheeks – that’s what you can see in the halls in the off-season.

Your health and appearance in 30, 40 or 50 years steroids and cancer will depend on when and how long you have been using steroids. There is a chance that you will have weight problems for the rest of your life.

Often after the end of taking steroids, a deep depression comes, which spoils your whole life. Moreover, the appearance deteriorates compared to the one that you had when you started using these drugs. ”

Death from steroids: true or not

For those who are engaged in bodybuilding, it is very important to know if a steroid course can lead to death? It’s time to deal with this issue and dispel the myths.

One of the myths surrounding anabolics is the belief that steroids lead to death. But this is essentially the same medicine. Even when taking aspirin or analgin, serious problems are possible if you take the drugs in excessive doses. Absolutely all medicines in case of incorrect application can lead to a lethal outcome. And still, the law prohibits the use of steroids.

Deaths of celebrities taking steroids

In order to learn, death from steroids: true or not, it is worth dispelling the myths about the death of famous people.

  1. Mike Mentzer. He was a very famous theorist and practitioner in bodybuilding. At some point he was coaching, he created a new system of high-intensity training called “Super Training”. In 2001, in the month of June, Mike died on the 10th. After a couple of days, Brother Ray died, who found Mentzer dead in the apartment. Death of Mentzer was caused by a heart attack – he was diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction. As for his brother, Paradise died because of the diseased kidneys. With the help of morphine, both brothers took pain – in their blood it was found quite a lot.
  2. Mohammed Benaziza. The bodybuilder from France had a powerful and harmonious physique. He died at the age of thirty-three in 1992 after winning the Grand Prix in Holland. The cause of death was diuretics – diuretics. Another reason is heart failure, insulin shock. According to IFBB, the bodybuilder died of a hereditary blood disease.
  3. Andreas Münzer. This man was a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Münzer is the most dried athlete of the best at Olimpia. He took a lot of diuretics to achieve the results, diuretics allowed him to constantly perform and be in shape. In a year he performed about forty times. At the age of thirty-one, Andreas died – it happened in March 1996, on the 13th. He began to bleed in the intestines. The operation did not help, the heart failed to load, and the blood was too viscous due to diuretics.
  4. Sonya Schmitt. He was no more than fifty years old. A professional bodybuilder died of cancer.
  5. Ray McNeil. The bodybuilder was shot by his wife on Valentine’s Day. But where are the steroids? The thing is that the wife said in court that it was a death from steroids: is it true or not? Of course, it was fiction. She stated that the shot was in self-defense. She said that Rei was furious with taking steroids, he was too aggressive against the background of the steroid course. As a result, everything led to such a tragic ending.
  6. Bertil Fox. A talented bodybuilder killed his family, as a result, the court sentenced him to hanging.
  7. Ed Courtney. Born athlete in 1933 in Hawaii, his whole life he was engaged in bodybuilding. The last performance took place in 1998. The following year, he underwent surgery on his shoulder. On the orders of doctors, he took drugs that thickened the blood. As a result, a heart attack and coma, death.

Common causes of death

What conclusions can be drawn from all of the above? Death from steroids: true or not? It turns out that all these deaths are not directly related to steroids. The main causes of death in bodybuilders are such as:

  • Myocardial infarction is a heart attack;
  • Violation of the electrolyte balance against the background of taking diuretics – diuretics;
  • Cancer.

Cancer – the effect of steroids

Anabolics do not contribute to the formation of cancerous tumors, because they are synthetic analogues of natural male hormones. Therefore, there is no reason to say that the cancer caused a steroid course.

On the contrary, many anabolic steroids are prescribed for those with a tumor. The same applies to people with AIDS. At excessive dosages, there is a minimal likelihood of a tumor in the liver when taking oral alpha-alkylated steroids. Such an effect can occur at too high doses Anapolon. This increases the likelihood of liver cancer, but in fact, so far, such examples have not been among bodybuilders.

But the direct relationship between liver cancer and alcohol, and smoking is.

Diuretics and a course of anabolic

To achieve a peak in relief, many bodybuilders take diuretics. So, the steroids do not lead to death, but this means thickens the blood. As a result, it hardly moves through the vessels, the heart strains to push blood, which leads to a breakdown in heart rhythm, heart failure. Therefore, steroids and cancer it is better to abandon these drugs, diuretics are deadly.

Heart and steroid course

Improper training can have a negative impact on this body, which is important for the life and normal functioning of the body. As a result, heart attacks are possible.

Yes, athletes can die from heart problems, but steroids are not the cause here. It’s all about being overweight or untrained heart, and maybe hard training in high ranges of heart rate. The best way is running. And also simple walking.

One of the most common mistakes of bodybuilders is the incorrect dosage and mode of taking steroids. As a result, there is a risk to health. The ingestion of a foreign hormone into the blood provokes various chemical reactions, and here it is very important to do everything correctly. Do not forget about the rollback. After the steroid course is over, the mass that is recruited most often begins to disappear. In order that this does not happen, post-course therapy is conducted. Do not forget to eat properly and train according to the scheme chosen individually for you by the coach.