Where to inject steroids

Where to inject steroids

How to properly stab steroids?

Many beginning athletes prefer to use tableted AAS. Often they choose them where to inject steroids not because of high efficiency or safety, but simply do not have an idea where and how to stab steroids. Today we will tell you about the rules of using injections. There are several rules that are extremely important to observe.

They are simple enough, but they must be followed strictly. First of all, we are talking about observing complete sterility. Before the introduction of the drug, you need to make sure that the place chosen for the injection is clean and selected in accordance with all requirements. Always use sealed syringes. If the steroid is in the vial, it is necessary to wipe the rubber cap with alcohol. Remove the protective case from the needle and insert it into the vial, which must then be turned upside down.

After this, you can gain the required amount of solution with a small margin. Remove the needle from the vial and tap with the finger on the syringe so that the air bubbles are at the top. The excess part of the solution with air bubbles should be introduced back into the vial. Try not to touch anything with a needle, so as not to infect the body. If you find that a little solution has leaked out of the syringe, do not immediately wipe it off.

Hold the syringe like a dart and at right angles insert the needle deep into the muscle tissue. Slightly pull the plunger, and if blood is drawn into the syringe, you injure the blood vessel. In this situation, it is necessary to get the needle and repeat the introduction again. If blood does not enter the syringe, start slowly pressing on the plunger, injecting the drug. When there is no solution in the syringe, remove the needle and massage the injection site to reduce discomfort. In where to inject steroids the same place is not recommended to enter more than two milliliters of solution.

Types of injections of steroids

Today, athletes actively use not only steroids, but also other types of sports pharmacology. Not all these drugs are administered intramuscularly. Now we will consider all types of injections used in sports.


This type of injection is used when introducing AAS. More details about the rules of their implementation, we will discuss below.


Some athletes inject drugs into target muscles to speed up their local growth. The best steroids for local injections are testosterone suspension and propionate, as well as Winstrol. However, this way you can enter all the anabolics based on dough and nandrolone. But the trenbolones and enanthate methenolona should be set only systematically. Most often, for local injections, delta beams and quadriceps are used. However, if you have sufficient experience, you can similarly inject drugs into the triceps, the muscles, chest and trapezoids. With biceps and calves in this case, you should be as cautious as possible. Local injections are also used to introduce insulin-like growth factor and MFR.


This type of injection is used when virtually all peptides and somatotropin are administered. Most often they are performed in the fatty abdomen. Sometimes gonadotropin is administered in a similar way, but it can also be done intramuscularly.

Where it is necessary to stab steroids to bodybuilders?

The basis of the drug (oil or water) does not matter – to enter a steroid is necessary intramuscularly. The best places for injections are the buttocks, deltas and the external part of the thigh. The fact is that these muscles have the maximum thickness, and steroids should be injected as deep as possible. They contain a large number of fibers and the most extensive fascia.

If you do not know what a fascia is, it is the connective tissue surrounding and dividing all the muscles of our body. If the drug is injected into the above muscles, the maximum absorption surface of the active ingredient is reached. When making an injection, you where to inject steroids should not easily insert the needle as deep as possible into the muscle tissue, but try not to touch the nerve endings and blood vessels.

From this point of view, the ideal place for injections is the so-called gluteus medius – a site located in the upper outer part of the buttock. This is due to the maximum thickness and the minimum number of nerve endings that are in this place. If you inject into glutenius medius, then the risk of sciatic nerve damage (located in the middle and bottom of the buttocks) is minimal. If this happens, the person will experience severe pain and may even be paralyzed for a while.

The rules for choosing a syringe for steroid injection

Talking about where and how to stab steroids, it is simply impossible to avoid the topic of choosing the optimal syringe volume. We recommend using a five-dice syringe for this. Dina needles will be sufficient for maximum penetration, and its diameter will allow easy typing of the oil solution. However, you can also use a syringe with a volume of two cubes.

Its needle has a somewhat smaller length and diameter, which will slightly reduce pain. It should also be recalled that before the preparation is injected into the syringe, the solution should be heated to a temperature of about 37 degrees. As a result, the oil will become more fluid and it will be easier for you to take the steroid and inject it into the muscles. If you use a syringe with a volume of two cubes, the needle should be completely inserted into the muscle tissue. When choosing a syringe for five cubes, it is not possible to fully insert the needle.

The main rules of the injection

So we came to the description of the most important rules that must be strictly observed if you want to know where and how to stab steroids.

  1. In advance, decide on the drug, its number, syringe and injection site.
  2. It is mandatory to check the shelf life of the steroid.
  3. Gather together all the necessary tools and accessories.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and the injection site.
  5. If the anabolic is in the vial, remove the protective cap and wipe the rubber cap with alcohol. If the drug was packaged in an ampoule, then using a special file (should be bundled with AAS) the circular motion cut the neck and the movement away from itself, break it. In order not to damage your hands with glass, we recommend wrapping the ampoule with a tissue.
  6. The syringe and the needle must be sealed. If the steroid is in the vial, pull the plunger of the syringe to the volume you want and enter the corner into the container with the solution. Pressing the plunger, release the air into the vial and turn it upside down. After that slowly start to type the solution into the syringe. If the drug is in the ampoule, then it is not required to inject air into it, but immediately dial the amount of anabolic you need.
  7. Point the needle up and tap on the syringe to knock off air bubbles from its walls. If the active ingredient of the steroid is dissolved in the oil, then this process can take about ten minutes. When all the bubbles rise to the top of the syringe, gently push the plunger to get rid of them.
  8. Wipe the injection site with alcohol and inject the needle with one quick movement into the muscle tissue. Note that the needle must be inserted three quarters of the total length. If it accidentally breaks, you can quickly remove it.
  9. After this, gently pull the plunger toward you. If blood appears in the solution, you have damaged the blood vessel. In such a situation, it is necessary to remove the needle and insert it into another place. The solution must be injected slowly at a rate of about a quarter of a minute for each cube of the drug.
  10. When the entire steroid is injected, remove the needle and wipe the injection site with alcohol. Then massage it. If at this point the puncture site slightly bleeds, then this is normal and should not be frightened.
That’s all the basic rules for injecting AAS. You could see for yourself that there are no big difficulties in the procedure, and you can quickly master it.

How correctly to enter gonadotropin?

We told you where and how to stab steroids. However, athletes often have to enter gonadotropin. Recall that this drug is designed to stimulate the synthesis of endogenous testosterone during a strong anabolic course. Before the introduction of this auxiliary drug, you need to open the ampoule with the solvent and put it into the syringe.

Then open the powder container and carefully insert the solvent into it. Then, in a circular, gentle manner, stir the contents. It is very important not to shake the where to inject steroids container with powder during its stirring. Ready-to-use gonadotropin solution should be clear without visible particles of undissolved drug. After completing this procedure, take the solution in a syringe. After that, it remains for you to perform your described manipulations on the introduction of gonadotropin.

What complications can be after steroids?

Although the procedure for injecting drugs into such a complex, infringement of the rules of drug administration can lead to several complications.


Often, after injection, a seal appears at the site of the injection. This is a normal physiological response of the body to a foreign substance. Most of the cones appear due to the excessively hard oil used to create the steroid. The most striking example here can be primobolan. If this drug is often injected into the same place. That will avoid the appearance of tumors.

If you have a condensation, do not enter into it more steroids. Otherwise, an innocuous cone can become an abscess. In addition, all the oil entered into the capsule created by the body will not dissolve, which will lead to an increase in the size of the tumor. To get rid of cones it is possible by means of warming up, compresses, drawing of an iodine grid, etc.


Occur when a blood vessel is damaged, and is a blood clot. If the size of the hematoma is small, then it will quickly dissolve by itself. Otherwise, a lump may appear. To get rid of the hematoma, apply the cold for the first two days, and then warm up.


The most complicated complication after injections. Abscess is a purulent inflammatory process of muscle tissue and subcutaneous tissue. Most often, it appears as a result of getting into the infection. In addition, the abscess can be caused by impurities contained in the steroid, if it was poorly purified during production. Most often, the inflammatory process is accompanied by an increase in body temperature and severe pain. If you do not keep the situation under control, you may need surgery.

How to make injections of steroids?

There are several things you need to know when starting to stab anabolic steroids. The most important thing is always to remember that you need to be clean and keep hygiene. Always use new sealed syringes. Never use old syringes and, especially, strangers. Injection rules Simple, but you need to keep them constantly. Make sure that the site of the injection is clean and correctly selected (cheat “where to stab steroids”). Get a new syringe out of the package, put a needle on it and make sure that it sticks to the syringe. Under the rules of injection, wipe the top of the bottle (if you use a steroid in a vial) where to inject steroidswith a piece of cloth soaked in alcohol to make sure that it is sterile. Remove the protective case from the needle, insert the needle into the vial, turn it upside down and fill the syringe with the right amount of fluid plus a little bit more than that. Now, as the rules of injection say, tap your finger on the syringe to collect all the air bubbles in the top of the syringe into one, then enter that extra part of the fluid taken over, back into the vial and the air will go away with it. With the help of another, impregnated with alcohol, cloths wipe the place,

Try not to touch the needle with anything. it can stain the needle and lead to serious problems with the infection. If a little liquid escapes from the needle, do not touch or wipe it. it will help lubricate the injection site. Now, holding the syringe like a dart, at an angle of 90 degrees, bring the needle deep into the muscle. Then pull the plunger back – if the blood gets into the syringe, then you have hooked the blood vessel and you should take out the needle and try again. If there is no blood, for example, injecting insulin, slowly (so that there are no painful sensations), press down on the needle until all the fluid is in the muscle. Finally, quickly remove the needle and massage the injection site with another sterile cloth (this will reduce bleeding and eliminate discomfort in the following days). Put a protective shell on the needle, say, after injections of insulin , and remove it from the syringe. Try not to inject more than 2 ml into the same place and more often 2 times a week. Remember: never use a syringe and needle again.

Where to stab steroids?

Anabolic steroids, both oil-based and water-based, should be administered intramuscularly (deep into the muscle tissue). The most typical places for injections are the buttocks, the outer part of the thigh and the delta. These muscles are most often used because of their thickness. They contain more fibers and an extensive fascia. The fascia is the connective tissue where to inject steroids that surrounds and divides the muscles. In connection with this, the steroid injected has a large suction surface.

During intramuscular injections and other injections of the steroid, the goal is to insert the needle as deeply as possible and not to touch either the nerve or the blood vessel. The best place for injections is the gluteus medius, located in the upper outer part of the buttocks (see photo). It is preferred because of its thickness and the presence of a small number of nerves. When injected into this muscle, the probability of getting into the vessel or sciatic nerve that passes through the lower and middle of the buttocks is very low. If it is damaged, you will feel a great pain and can be temporarily paralyzed.

Injecting steroids, what kind of syringe to take?

Choosing the right syringe is very important. First of all for injection of steroids, you will need a syringe of the right amount. The liquid is measured in cubic millimeters. Secondly, you need a needle deep in the muscle for optimal absorption, sufficient diameter to allow oil to pass, but not too wide to get injured. There are many different types of syringes for injecting steroids: some are longer, some are thicker. Most bodybuilders prefer 2-3ml syringes. If you are not sure which syringe to choose, consult the pharmacist.

Basic rules of injection:

  1. Determine in advance what you are going to stab, in what quantities, what needles need it for and where you will inject steroids (in the buttock or in the thigh).
  2. Be sure to check the expiration date of the drugs used.
  3. Gather together everything you need for injections – drugs, needles, syringes, alcohol, cotton swabs, etc.
  4. Wash with soap and hands and place where you will do steroid injections, injections, soap completely washed away.
  5. If the preparation is packaged in a sealed vial, remove the protective cap and wipe the rubber cap with alcohol. If the drug is in the ampoule, take a thin file and gently, in a circular motion, make a nail around the neck. Then, with your own movement, break off the neck of the ampoule. At the same time, in order not to injure your hands, you can also wrap the ampoule with a napkin.
  6. A syringe and needle, if you decide to inject injection steroids, should be new or properly sterilized. If you use the drug in a vial, pull the plunger of the syringe to a volume equal to the volume of the drug that you will use, insert the needle into the vial through the rubber cap and press the plunger, releasing the air into the vial. Reaching the end, turn the vial upside down and slowly pull the plunger, drawing the drug into the syringe to the desired amount. Then pull the needle out of the bubble. If you use the drug in an ampoule, insert the needle into the open ampoule and draw the drug into the syringe to the correct amount, then pull the needle out of the ampoule.
  7. Turning the needle up, tap on the walls of the syringe to get rid of the air bubbles that could remain on the inner walls of the cylinder. In some cases, if an oily solution is used, it may take ten minutes. The oil solution needs to be held in the hand, so that it heats up and becomes more liquid. When all the bubbles rise to the needle, gently press the plunger, so that the drug begins to exit the needle. Wipe the injection site with cotton wool soaked in alcohol.
  8. While holding the syringe for injection of steroids, like a pencil, bring the needle into the injection site with one quick push. Enter the needle three-quarter lengthwise, no further; if the needle breaks, it will be very difficult to pull it out.
  9. When you have correctly inserted the needle, pull out the plunger slightly. If the blood comes easily into the syringe, then you are in a blood vessel and you need to change the injection site. If there is no blood, then, where steroids are injected, press the plunger, injecting the drug. The input speed is approximately 15 seconds per cube. see, slowly and accurately.
  10. When the entire drug is injected, pull the needle out quickly. Cleanse, moistened with alcohol, wipe and massage the place of injection. It can bleed a little, do not where to inject steroids get scared, it’s normal.
  11. At the injection site, where sticks are no longer necessary, you can put an antibiotic on a tampon and fix it with a plaster. Dispose of all residues left from the procedure.

This, perhaps all the basic and private advice. Injectable steroids are not so difficult to use, but are undoubtedly effective. If you screw up when they are introduced, then you will not have problems later. Not to mention the waste of not cheap drugs. Carefully approach the question and then there will be nothing to be afraid of.

Injections of gonadotrapine

First open the ampoule with the solvent (as read open above). Type the solvent from the ampoule into the syringe, then open the ampoule (ampoules) with the powder of the preparation and slowly pressing the plunger, add the solvent to the powder. Gently mix the contents, stir in circular motions, DO NOT TRACE. The solution of gonadotrapine injection should be clear and without undissolved drug particles. Now put the solution in the syringe for the injection. Needle while you need to change to a new one. Remove all air bubbles from the syringe of the gonadotrapine injection, wipe the injection site with cotton wool soaked in alcohol, then inject the needle into the injection site. Usually this is the top of the thigh or buttock. Make sure that the needle does not enter the blood vessel (see above). If you still got – carefully remove the needle after injections of gonadotrapine, throw the syringe with the contents and start all over again with a new syringe, needles and preparation. After injection, the injection site can be closed with a band-aid, if necessary.

Insulin injections

Insulin, insulin injections , can be injected into any place on the body where there is a fatty layer. The abdomen area is the most common place for insulin injections. Nurses, however, make insulin injections and elsewhere – the buttocks, thighs, upper parts of the hands … When injecting insulin, it is important to remember that every next injection should be at least 3 centimeters from the previous one, if this is not taken into account, at the injection site, insulin injections can form thickening of the skin and scars. 

Injectable anabolic steroid preparations include active substances, which are released in the form of oily solutions or aqueous suspension.

Such drugs have high anabolic and androgenic activity and are widely used in weightlifting, triathlon, bodybuilding, bodyfitness and other sports. The purpose of such courses is intensive set of muscle mass, drying and relief, increasing strength and stamina.

Anabolic: oily solutions or aqueous suspension

The oily solution differs from the aqueous suspension in that it has a uniform consistency, it does not have a precipitate. The aqueous suspension consists of very small particles (suspended matter) that do not dissolve in water, but can be stirred when they are shaken.

In general, anabolic steroids are produced on the basis of oil. The exception to the rules is Stanozolol and Aquatest, which are aqueous suspensions. Also now, a water suspension of Trenbolon (Androxine from Alfa Pharma) appeared on the market of sports pharmacology, which is an where to inject steroids alternative to trenbolone in the form of an oil solution.

Can i mix several steroids in one syringe?

Often, athletes who use several injections in their course want to reduce the soreness of injections and reduce the number of injections and holes in the ass. Therefore, the actual question is how to mix injectable steroids without the risk of cones, abscesses and other unpleasant complications.

To date, pharmacological companies produce steroids dissolved in oil or water. Oily preparations are a homogeneous mass in which there is no sediment and suspensions. In turn, aqueous suspensions are a suspension of fine particles of the active component AAS in water. In this case, they can not completely dissolve, but only mix.

Since we know from the school that the oil can not dissolve in water, as it is easier for it, it is possible to mix only oil-based anabolics with similar ones. With water preparations they can not be interfered.


Rule number 1.  Oil solutions can be mixed only with oil solutions.

Rule No. 2.  Aqueous suspensions can only be mixed with aqueous suspensions.

For example: Stanozolol in injections can be combined in one syringe with Aquatest – an aqueous suspension of Testosterone; Testosterone in oil solution (propionate, enanthate, cypionate) can be pricked together with Nandrolone, etc.

Which steroids to choose: in tablets or in injections?

Beginners usually try to use only anabolics in tablets, rather than injections, avoiding injections for various reasons – to be afraid of painful injections, do not want to give injections because of the inconvenience of the application (there is no one to put the injections, and he does not know how), or is experiencing on possible reactions in the form of the appearance of swelling, cones, abscesses, etc.

But over time, when the objectives of the courses increase, it becomes necessary to use combined courses that combine both steroids in tablets and steroids in injections. It must also be taken into account that many highly effective, indispensable drugs with a high anabolic index in tablets simply do not exist. This, for example,

How many times a week do I need to inject anabolic steroids?

1. Water suspensions are pricked every day.

2. Anabolic injections based on oily solutions are made, depending on the type of ether. If it is propionate, isocaproate, then injections need to be done every other day. In the case of esters with a long half-life (enanthate, decanoate, cypionate), injections should be given 2 times a week.

How to make injections correctly?

Using injectable AAS requires certain skills and knowledge from athletes. It is for this reason that beginners prefer tablets. Learn how to make injections correctly.

To successfully carry out a cycle of steroids using injectable anabolics, certain manipulations must be performed correctly. The most important points in where to inject steroids the introduction of drugs is the correct location of the injection site, the choice of the syringe, the preparation of the steroid itself for use and strict adherence to the basic rules of hygiene. Let’s see how to make injections correctly.

Where to stab AAS

When using all steroid drugs, regardless of the base (oil or water) are administered intramuscularly. In simple terms, you need to pierce the skin with a needle, the tissues located under it and insert a steroid inside the muscle. Most often, three parts of the body are used for this: the buttocks, deltas and the lateral surface of the thigh.

Since it is here that a large number of fibers are located, and the area of ​​the connective tissue membrane (connective tissue that separates the muscles from each other and covers them) is large enough, the drug after the injection has excellent chances to spread rapidly throughout the muscle tissue. The optimal place for the introduction of steroids will be the place where there are no large nerve fibers and blood vessels.

This place is the upper outer quarter of the buttocks. Orientation for its location can serve as a crest of the ilium, which is easy to grope just above the middle of the gluteal muscles. This is a very massive area and it practically lacks nerve fibers and large capillaries.

Also, with the introduction of drugs in this area, there is practically no possibility of damaging the sciatic nerve, which crosses the lower and middle parts of the gluteal muscles. This is a very important nerve, since it is he who is responsible for the work of the foot. If you accidentally touch it with the introduction of anabolic, then there is a strong pain sensation, and this part of the body will be paralyzed for a while.

No less important issue when using injectable AAS is the proper selection of a syringe. The most optimal is the use of syringes with a capacity of four milliliters and a needle diameter of 0.6-0.7 millimeters. In this case, their length should be 4.8 or 2.5 centimeters. Shorter needles can not penetrate deeply, and the solution does not fall into muscle tissue.

How to correctly administer the drug

Before the injection, you should thoroughly wash your hands, and then rub alcohol with the place of the alleged injection. It is also necessary to similarly process the rubber cap of the vial through which the needle passes for a steroid kit into the syringe.

Remove the plastic cap from the disposable syringe and draw air into it. After breaking the vial cap, let the air inside. This is necessary in order to increase the pressure inside, which will greatly facilitate the collection of the oil steroid. Turn the bottle upside down and where to inject steroids start steroids for weight loss to slowly gain a little more than the required amount of the drug, about a quarter of a cubic centimeter.

For example, when you need to enter one anabolic cube, you need to get a quarter more cube into the syringe. After this, it is necessary to slightly tap on the syringe with your finger, so that all the air is lifted up. After this, the excess of the steroid is reintroduced into the vial, so that the amount of AAS necessary for the injection remains in the syringe.

Taking the needle from the bottle, tap on the syringe again. You should also change the needle to get the most sharpness. Wipe the injection site with alcohol and squeeze out the syringe from the air. Do this until the first drop of the drug appears. It must drain on the needle to give it extra lubrication.

It’s time for the introduction of the steroid. Use the syringe as if holding a dart ready for throwing. With the second hand, stretch the puncture site and insert the needle with a sharp movement. Begin slowly squeeze the drug. When the syringe is emptied, gently pull the piston upward to ensure that the capillary has not been penetrated. After that, quickly remove the needle and strongly push the injection site with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. It is very important to pay attention to the fact that the drug must be administered slowly in order to reduce pain.

How to properly prick in the buttock and thigh

When the drug is injected into the thigh, you should select the middle part of the outer surface for this. Mentally divide this section into three equal parts. For injection, only the average is suitable. It is also important to remember that in the thigh the prick can be placed only in the sitting position.

When you introduce AAS into the buttock, you need to mentally divide it into four equal parts. The injection should be placed in the upper outer part. Before the introduction of the steroid, you must transfer the weight of the body to the second leg, in order to relax the muscles at the site of the future puncture. Then everything is done as described in the previous paragraph.

how to make injections correctly

What to do if the blood vessel is damaged

If you still hurt the capillary, then actually do not do anything already and do not. Although on the recommendation of health professionals need to get a needle and inject the drug elsewhere. But if you do not, and continue to enter the steroid, then nothing terrible will happen. At the puncture site, then a bruise is formed, which soon will resolve.

Which areas of the body are best for injecting anabolic steroids?

Bodybuilders are strongly encouraged to inject anabolic steroids intramuscularly. Intravenous injection should be strictly avoided. There are nine muscle groups with the appropriate sites where you can inject anabolic steroids. This is the buttocks, biceps, latissimus muscles, deltoid, triceps, quadriceps, pectorals, calves and trapeziformes.

The choice of a place for the injection of an injectable anabolic steroid

  • Buttocks. From the lower part of the back, move 5 cm down to the left, if injection is introduced into the left hemisphere. Also for the right hemisphere. Never inject directly into the buttocks, because you can damage the sciatic nerve.
  • Biceps. The center of the biceps, both inside and outside, is a good place for injecting anabolic.
  • The widest muscles of the back . On each of the muscles there where to inject steroids is only one suitable place for injection. Find the outer (outer) edge of the muscle and make an injection in its center.
  • Deltoid. Although there are three areas for injections on the deltoid, the most suitable is the lateral deltoid part (head).
  • Triceps. On triceps there are three areas where you can make injections – the outer head, the lower posterior head and the middle posterior head. You can enter a steroid per cent in each area.
  • Quadriceps. A bodybuilder can make an injection in two areas. Wings – are considered the best for these purposes. Just choose the right point between the knee and the thigh, slightly closer to the outside of the thigh.
  • Thoracic. Here there are three areas – the upper inner part, the middle inner and outer lower. All three are great for injecting steroids, although it’s a little uncomfortable to inject into the outer lower.
  • Calf. You can enter the center of the outer or inner head. For most, injecting injections into these areas is not very convenient. Therefore, injections are done in cases of extreme necessity.
  • Trapezoidal. On each side of the trapezius muscles there is only one place for the injection – in the middle.

Of all the above-mentioned places for injecting steroids, the buttocks and the lateral head of the deltoids are most suitable. These muscles are most often used for injections because of their thickness. It is not recommended to inject anabolic steroids into trapezius and calf muscles, because injections can be painful. Whichever region you choose for injection, maintain sanitation. 

Tips for the introduction of anabolic steroids

Very part of the bodybuilders injections into the same places. If you continue in the same spirit, scar tissue forms and it becomes difficult to inject steroids into this area. Therefore, it is not recommended to inject injections into the same area more than 2 times a week.

For oil-based steroids, 22 cm long needles 2.5 cm long are used. Water-based steroids can be injected using 20 to 25 gauge needles. If you do not know how to choose a syringe, contact your pharmacist.

Do not need to inject more than 2 ml of fluid into small muscles or deltoids. For steroids with a volume of more than 2 ml, the buttocks are more appropriate. Enter 1 ml every 10 seconds. That is slow.

Before using injectable anabolic steroids, the vials are heated in the hand.

Reaction to injections of anabolic steroids

Bodybuilders who disregard the rules for the introduction of anabolic steroids may face infections. Since injections allow steroids to instantly come into contact with the bloodstream, negative effects in the absence of disinfection also where to inject steroids appear more quickly. It can be an allergy, swelling, redness, scars. Sometimes injections of anabolics cause extremely heavy and dangerous internal bleeding. The change in skin color is also the reaction of the body to the introduction of steroids.

If a bodybuilder knows how to correctly administer anabolic steroids, he will get all the benefits from these substances. Moreover, the athlete not only avoids infection, but also maximizes the positive effects of intramuscular injection of steroids.